The mysqladmin status command result displays the following values:

  • Uptime:The number of seconds the MySQL server has been running.
  • Threads:The number of active threads (clients).
  • Questions:The number of questions (queries) from clients since the server was started.
  • Slow queries:The number of queries that have taken more than long_query_time seconds.
  • Opens:The number of tables the server has opened.
  • Flush tables:The number of flush-*, refresh, and reload commands the server has executed.
  • Open tables:The number of tables that currently are open.


  • Uptime:MySQL 服务运行的时间(秒)
  • Threads:客户线程数量
  • Questions:MySQl 服务启动后的查询数量
  • Slow queries:慢查询数量(通过 long_query_time 设置慢查询)
  • Opens:服务器打开过的表的数量
  • Flush tables:flush-*, refresh, reload 命令执行的数量
  • Open tables:服务器当前被打开的表数量